Who am I?

I could introduce yourself as a person who has interests in several fields. Primarily, in my business career, I was a computer specialist and during that time, and I was considered a great DTP expert, which I worked for many years. The path through my working years was: I traveled with my work, so I visited various interesting countries and cultures. I always felt good in any country, not just my own country and town. Living and working in various countries and environments was a challenge for me but also a pleasure since I become familiar with life of other people in their daily activities.

In some of the more difficult stages that I went through in my life, I looked for ways to solve those challenges in a way that would be a new approach and possibly pleasant and lead me to a happier and more creative life. That's how I met with various solutions and people who wanted to help... Honestly, everything looked great at the beginning, but the solutions didn't come. I think it is primarily due to the lack of knowledge and lack of compassion - although they wanted to help.

What was a real refreshment, or a huge step forward, was the encounter with a holistic way of looking at
life and with such knowledge and therapies. I would like to emphasize homeopathy here, so I was educated and became a homeopath, educated by the London International College of Homeopathy. It was the right move for me because it opened up new perspectives and solutions regarding health and general well-being.

During that period, I came across another wonderful way of solving challenges in life. I am very interested in human emotions, so I finished education for Dr. Bach's method and became a certified practitioner of Bach flower essences. Another wonderful method for solving emotional entanglements: fears from known and unknown causes, feelings of insecurity, loneliness, discouragement, lack of interest, excessive concern for other people. Each of these methods is extremely important and very important to me. 

I also actively participate in organizing and conducting education at the Homeopathic Education Center at the Croatian Association of Homeopaths, as a lecturer and supporter. In 2021, we finished educating our first generation of students and we are very proud of that.

On my path for searching for techniques to improve the quality of life, I came across the work of Živorad Mihailović Slavinski. . Applying his methods was a real balm to my emotional wound. My problems have become easier to solve, my goals are more accessible, and my quality of life has significantly improved. I upgraded my knowledge so that I became a trainer of Spiritual Technologies, Deep Peat, DP4, DP2.

About the Deep Peat method

We are experiencing in a two ways the world around you: the Dual world and the world of Unity. Namely, when we are in the world of duality, we see events through the prisms of: good and evil, creation and destruction, light and darkness, life and death... The Peat method brings man salvation and liberation, a breath of freedom from the deadly pressure of dualism and brings a person into balance.

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