tehnika: Excalibur, Dpeata,
DP4, Bach kapi, Homeopatija

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About the Deep Peat method

Deep Peat is a great and effective method by which we eliminate emotional problems, which also leads to accelerated spiritual progress.

Individual work or small groups

My work is through individual meetings and work in smaller groups when we arrange workshops or seminars. Different methods suit different people.

Are you happy? Successful?

Ask yourself: am I happy, am I successful, do I have good relationships in my life, is something pressing, suffocating and
if there is ... let's get to work!!

Deep Peat Process

Due to the existence of an emotional problem (conflict), our life is not at the level of quality it could be. Through the process of solving that problem, we discover that Deep Peat process starts with an emotional problem, reveals deeper and deeper unconscious thoughts and emotions, and finally the polarity that is the cause of the problem.



Today, a lot is already known about homeopathy, especially since it is known that homeopathy works on a person holistically, because the mechanisms in the body are stimulated to act naturally.

Objectives of applied methods

The level of quality of life improves and there is faster spiritual development, easier reaching of goals, more pleasant relationships with people, balancing dynamics in families and business relationships, the realization that the normalization of bad choices is not good both for the person and for the wider community... and for that you need to act and change yourself.