Deep Peat method

In general

There are two basic ways of consciously experiencing the world around you: Dual world and the world of Unity. Namely, when we are in the world of duality, we see events through the prisms of: good and evil, creation and destruction, light and darkness, life and death. The Peat method brings man salvation and liberation, a breath of freedom from the deadly pressure of dualism and brings a person into balance.

Areas of activity

In Deep Peatprimordial energy activation and transmutation the process begins with a life problem that hinders us (taking our energy), and by working that, the contents that are in some "chain" of contents, one behind the other, are shown itself more and more. That process will lead us to the very cause of the problem... and through neutralization will bring us balance, and then a great thing happens: the problem disappears.

In general

To illustrate what I want to say, I believe, it is best to start with the fact that we ALL have emotional problems, negative experiences, which are related to some traumas that happened earlier. When a person remembers or associates these events, negative emotions and thoughts appear (at Peat we call this charge). After applying the method, we still have the memory of the negative experience, but there is no longer a negative emotional reaction.

For illustration, I will give some examples and fields of application:
If a person has compulsive emotional reactions - for example fear of spiders - after applying this method, the person does not have negative emotional reactions.
Life goals: how does the obstacles appears on the way of reaching the goal? On our way of reaching the goal, we encounter associations with some traumas and experience negative reactions - for example, a person feels resistance to finish some tasks or procrastinates, and should work on goals regularly.

When do we do bad deeds? In fact, it is about the fact that there are already reactions or programs in us that condition us to do something bad, which leads us to draw conclusions that are wrong again and this continues. By applying the method, we become aware of the unconscious content, beliefs and goals, so the result is that they - stop being compulsive. This is how we get out of a negative pattern. Because, from the outside, our lives are quite ordinary, but a real drama unfolds inside us.

We deal with emotional problems that arise from decision-making moments, especially in situations of defeat, and then these decisions contradict (or are even more strongly confirmed) with decisions made earlier, and polarities are created by decision-making.

So, in some traumatic moment, we make a decision: Freedom is dangerous and painful. And this is how conflicts arise because on the one hand we want freedom and on the other hand there is a decision that freedom is dangerous and painful. With these methods we integrate these polarities.In the case when the victim is physically present (but it is not a condition), the perpetrator feels under pressure and perceives himself as a victim, and the victim begins to create the pattern of the perpetrator and begins to apply it to those weaker than himself, for the simple reason that he is unable to behave in the same way according to the real perpetrators who are her
caused damage. This is where the Deep Peat method is indispensable.

This dynamic has a tendency to spread, so the offender-victim relationship is born and established for everyone involved in such a destructive system of attachment. From generation to generation, such a dynamic continues in families and as life goes on, it spreads to other areas of the individual's life in the family, because in such conditions it is not possible to lead an autonomous life. It seems that the perpetrators need victims for their survival, while in their lives, the victims are fixated on the perpetrators and mostly seek what they can never get from the perpetrators.

For example, take a person who wants to prove to her father that she is good and successful, but her father treats her as unimportant and uses her to solve problems that he did not know how to solve himself. Without the right approach to this, which is much more than just leaving the perpetrator's vicinity, it is difficult to solve this problem. We can say that there are real wars going on in families... while everything seems to be fine on the outside. How to break such relationships? By applying the Deep Peat method, it is possible to break these chains of patterns that are repeated from generation to generation. It is a great advantage and happiness for the family when there is a person who is ready to break those chains of events...

How to approach excessive sadness, suffering for a close person? This is a very sensitive situation because it is possible that the person is accused of something or some relationship with the deceased person. In that case, it is necessary to purify the relationships so that sadness remains for the person, which is a normal feeling, and the person continues with his life.

An example of application can be seen in the long-ago conclusion/decision that public performance leads to humiliation. Namely, it is possible that earlier in childhood we went out in front of the family and wanted to sing something, but we got confused and the family members made fun of us. Then the person (child) makes a crushing decision that performing in front of the family (and later realizes that this applies to other wider audiences) is connected to humiliation. During life, this devastating decision occurs when we want to make a presentation, public appearance, show ourselves in the best light, when we have this goal, but a decision from the past occurs and brings a great fear of humiliation, so the person gives up. We made that decision to free ourselves from humiliation, but it is now holding us back from progressing in life.

Or let's say we feel critical towards a person, towards their way of behaving, but in fact we are talking about ourselves and our desire to do the same and suppress it... unaware of our feelings. You should know that a person who has more conflicts in himself is less successful in life. A highly functional person has the ability to work creatively and successfully on their goals.

In this method, we do not impose solutions, but the person gets his own insights and solutions through the process. When you decide to learn this method, it is obvious that you are learning clear and safe steps that bring results. This knowledge can be learned and applied to yourself and other people. My job and desire is to help you to remove barriers from your life, achieve your goals more easily and comfortably, become functional, live in balance and happiness.

So let's go...